surface conditioning flexable flap disc more efficiency in indonesia

surface conditioning flexable flap disc more efficiency in indonesia

  • surface conditioning product

    Surface Conditioning Product

    QINGDAO FANTECH ABRASIVES CO., LTD, is a professional company in abrasives manufacture and export. Our main products include cutting & grinding wheel, sanding roll, sanding belt, resin fiber disc, flap disc, flap wheel, mini flap disc, quick change disc, strip-it product, non-woven product, diamond product and other abrasives accessories etc.

  • 4-1/2" x 7/8" surface conditioning flap disc - red, blue or tan

    4-1/2" x 7/8" Surface Conditioning Flap Disc - Red, Blue or Tan

    4.5" x 7/8" Surface Conditioning Flap Discs by Black Hawk Abrasives features the surface prep capabilities of a surface conditioning disc with the functional superiority of a flap disc producing a self sharpening flap disc that will increase productivity and consistency throughout its useful life. Attach to an angle grinding and get surface preparation jobs done in a fraction of the time with

  • surface conditioning: which types of discs should you get

    Surface Conditioning: Which Types of Discs Should You Get

    First, not every surface conditioning disc will work for every job. Second, there are many sizes and shapes with different grains, so you’ll need to get specific if you want to get the best result for the material you’ll be working on.

  • flap discs, sanding discs and belts | imperial supplies

    Flap Discs, Sanding Discs And Belts | Imperial Supplies

    Home All Products Abrasives Surface Conditioning & Sanding Discs Sanding Discs and Belts Flap Discs.+ See More; Flap Disc Abrasive Material4-1/2" Flap Disc

  • flap disc -

    Flap Disc -

    The flap disc is used for polishing and grinding of weld seams and rough surfaces. This product is an excellent substitute for a resin fiber disc or grinding disc. The flap disc is more economical, quieter,vibrates less and is therefore more pleasant to work with. We have many choices of flap discs according to customers' specific requirement.

  • stainless steel


    • MAGNUM® FLEECE TOP for surface conditioning, fine finishing and polishing Safer and more efficient! CS Unitec is the source for flap discs and abrasives that are free of fiberglass, mineral fibers and epoxy resin. They offer superior material removal, longer service life and smoother ergonomic handling. Better for the environment!

  • abrasives flap discs

    Abrasives Flap Discs

    Abrasives Flap Discs BLUESHARK Abrasives Flap Discs are designed with abrasive cloth strips glued on to a rigid fiberglass backing in a fan arrangement. It's set grind and finish in one step, resulting in fewer time-waste and efficiency-increased.

  • it might be time to use a flap disc instead of a standard

    It Might Be Time to Use a Flap Disc Instead of a Standard

    Flap discs became popular for benefits like fast stock removal and the ability to perform grinding, blending, and finishing in one product. Second: Why Use a Flap Disc? Many flap discs remove up to five times the material with less workpiece gouging than standard grinding wheels. They’re also easier to control, which leads to better workpiece

  • non-woven | norton abrasives

    Non-woven | Norton Abrasives

    Traditionally right angle grinders have been used in conjunction with grinding wheels, fibre disc, flap discs and wire brushes. However, Non-woven discs have entered the abrasives market as a third category that serve a specialised function of preparing and applying the final surface finish, which can affect the performance and appearance of

  • product range abrasives - vsm ag

    Product Range Abrasives - VSM AG

    Product Range. With currently over 200 abrasive product lines, VSM offers an extensive portfolio of products. Our customers in the industry and specialist trade are guaranteed to find the right product for virtually any sanding or grinding task - on a variety of materials and in diverse sizes and dimensions. VSM abrasives are distributed on a

  • it might be time to use a flap disc instead of a standard

    It Might Be Time to Use a Flap Disc Instead of a Standard

    It Might Be Time to Use a Flap Disc Instead of a Standard Grinding Wheel. New technology is making the flap disc a cost-effective and equally effective alternative to grinding wheels in a variety of applications. They’re versatile, lightweight, easier to control, and convenient. Flap discs have been used with high-speed angle grinders for

  • flap discs vs. grinding wheels: when to use a flap disc - red

    Flap Discs Vs. Grinding Wheels: When To Use A Flap Disc - Red

    Flap discs offer benefits such as fast stock removal and the ability to grind, blend, and finish with a single product, which can improve project timeline without compromising on results. When Should You Use a Flap Disc? Flap discs are the recommended choice when you’re working with metal, especially when you intend to make right angle cuts.

  • product index


    Important advancements in flap disc technology • PLANTEX® high-tech hemp fiber compound (Patented!) • POLY-MAGIC-WHEEL for dry polishing inside corners • MAGNUM® FLEECE TOP for surface conditioning, fine finishing and polishing Safer and more efficient! CS Unitec is the source for flap discs and abrasives that are free of

  • products for the metalworking market

    Products for the Metalworking Market

    3M Roloc™ Discs 3M Flap Discs The 3M abrasive flap disc provides a consistant rate of cut for a superior finish and it provides long life performance that improves quality and lowers cost. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Sizes: 100mm x 16mm, 115mm x mm, 1 5mm x mm, 178mm x mm Grades: P36, P60, P80, P1 0

  • personal protective equipment (ppe) | products | danpoort

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) | Products | Danpoort

    More information. Long abrasive belts.Abrasive flap discs.Surface Conditioning Discs. More information. Quick Change Discs.

  • tailin abrasive (subic) corp. ,philippines

    Tailin Abrasive (Subic) Corp. ,Philippines

    Product/Service : flexible offset grinding wheels, cut-net wheels, type 27&29 flap disc, floor pads,non-woven polishing wheels, offset grinding wheels, sanding disc paper, surface conditioning disc,type 1 cutting wheels reinforced, and mounted points., TAILIN ABRASIVE CORPORATION, TAILIN ABRASIVE CORP. Country/Region : Philippines >

  • products - kingdragon abrasives

    PRODUCTS - Kingdragon Abrasives

    Flexible Disc. With efficient grinding and polishing effect, the product is windly applied in the metal, stainless steel, wood, etc. The following abrasive cloth are available for manufacturing the disc: A/O: Alumimun Oxide Aluminum Oxide grain which has high efficienc

  • home - china abrasives and abrasive tools manufacturers, factory

    Home - China abrasives and abrasive tools manufacturers, factory

    t. Jinan High-Tech Development Zone Jinge Abrasive Tools Sales Company is a registered self-employed factory located in Shandong province, China. We are one of professional exporter and manufacturer in this area specialized in abrasives, vitrified grinding wheels, resinoid grinding wheels, cutting wheels, coated abrasives, and other related

  • 3m abrasives for building & construction | 3m united states

    3M Abrasives for Building & Construction | 3M United States

    Durability and tear resistance come standard in 3M abrasive products. Designed to stand up to heavy-duty applications, they offer even wear, cool running temperatures and longer life, so you spend less time changing discs. It all adds up to more efficient sanding, grinding and blending, so you can get the job done faster.

  • biotaf flap discs backing pads — bullard abrasives | custom

    BIOTAF FLAP DISCS BACKING PADS — Bullard Abrasives | Custom

    BIOTAF FLAP DISC - ZIRCONIUM DISCS - CARTON FIBER BACKING Eco-friendly meets high performance. With an eco-friendly carton fiber backing TAF Abrasives USA BIOTAF Flap Disc is easy to recycle. Offers High Strength + Efficiency. Without Backing Pad - Soft Approach + More Comfort and Vibration Reduction.

  • metabo kha 18 ltx (600210890) cordless hammer

    Metabo KHA 18 LTX (600210890) Cordless Hammer

    Surface Conditioning Flap Discs. Type 27 Surface Conditioning Flap Discs; Type 29 Surface Conditioning Flap Discs; Unitized and Convolute Wheels. Convolute Wheels. Deburring (DB) Convolute Wheels; Multi-Finishing (MU) Convolute Wheels; Metal Finishing (MF) Convolute Wheels; Unitized Quick Change Discs. Coarse Unitized Quick Change Discs

  • decisive flexible sanding disc for industrial uses -

    Decisive flexible sanding disc for Industrial Uses -

    Hot sales! Yihong competitive price Aluminium/Zironia flower disc Introduction for Flower disc Materials, Machines Raw materials and Production machines for flower disc Quality Control Rigid Detection, Inspection and Testing for flower disc Packaging & Shipping Perfect packaging and timely delivery for flower flap disc ISO 9001: 2008 for manufacturing flap disc, flexible disc, fiberglass

  • finishing aids and tools limited | linkedin


    Since 1955 Finishing Aids and Tools Ltd has provided surface finishing products for multiple applications on metal, wood, glass and stone. The manufacturing plant located in Bury, Lancashire

  • q-silver discs archives | national abrasives inc.

    Q-Silver Discs Archives | National Abrasives Inc.

    With a backing consisting of a flexible and strong impregnated latex paper, Q-Silver features optimal aggressivity, resulting in fast and efficient stock removal. The high heat endurance of this fully resin bonded abrasive makes it ideal for tough tasks, such as ‘down-to-metal’ sanding operations.

  • 3m™ accuspray™ atomizing head, 16612, orange, 1.4 mm

    3M™ Accuspray™ Atomizing Head, 16612, Orange, 1.4 mm

    3M™ Accuspray™ Atomizing Head, 16612, Orange, 1.4 mm. For Industrial Use Only. Estimated Lead Time Is 14 Working Days. 3M™ Accuspray™ Atomizing Heads are designed specifically for use with 3M™ Accuspray™ ONE Spray Guns. This selection of replaceable heads makes for the incredibly fast, efficient application of low-, medium- and high

  • 5 pack - 4-1/2" x 7/8" benchmark abrasives surface conditioning

    5 Pack - 4-1/2" x 7/8" Benchmark Abrasives Surface Conditioning

    QUANTITY: This is a package of 5 Surface Conditioning Flap Discs. DIMENSIONS: These flap discs have a 4-1/2" diameter a 7/8" metal center. APPLICATIONS: Blending, polishing, finishing, deburring, deflashing, light grinding. USE: These flap discs should be used on an angle grinder. Always use a guard and wear the appropriate protective gear.

  • surface condition discs at

    Surface Condition Discs at

    2" size allows for added precision during gasket removal, disc brake finishing and metal polishing Conformable, non-woven fiber construction allows for consistent cut and long disc life. $7.94. 3M® 2" Medium Aluminum Oxide Quick Change Surface Conditioning Discs (10 Pieces) (03156) 0.

  • standard abrasives 853733, ldw wheel, 8 in x 1/2 in x 3 in 8s

    Standard Abrasives 853733, LDW Wheel, 8 in x 1/2 in x 3 in 8S

    Factory Stock, 7-10 Day Leadtime The Standard Abrasives Light Deburring Wheel finishes and deburrs parts with critical tolerances and may be used on automated equipment, straight shaft stationary and portable tools as well as feed-through machines.

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