high precision sri lanka cutting discs in brazil bangladesh

high precision sri lanka cutting discs in brazil bangladesh

  • high accurate gem faceting machines | ultrafacet | gem

    High Accurate Gem Faceting Machines | UltraFacet | Gem

    Notice Due to the high volume of orders we are receiving and Covid-19 Pandemic, we are experiencing delays in our production. We are trying our absolute best to ensure everyone gets their order as soon as possible. All orders will be processed in the order they are received and confirmed, and as always we greatly appreciate your business. × Dismiss…

  • faceting machine st-08 - sterling gems & lapidary| sri lanka

    Faceting Machine ST-08 - Sterling Gems & Lapidary| Sri Lanka

    HIGH QUALITY and HEAVYDUTY PRECISION & User friendly Machine. The machine consist of faceter , Aluminium base lap, 10pcs dop Sticks ( 6mm.) All Accessories such as cutting,polishing discs Etc. will be provide uponrequest. Your choice of any index gear ( 32,64,72,80,84,88,96,120 Recommended asfirst index gear)Machine body is made out of cast

  • metallographic cut-off machines and samplers | struers.com

    Metallographic cut-off machines and samplers | Struers.com

    Max sample size: 42 x 120 mm. Manual tabletop cut-off machines for fast, high-quality cutting in the lab or production environments. Secotom Max sample size: 50 x 165 mm. Tabletop cut-off machines that combine precision, flexibility and a large capacity, so you can cut a wide range of materials fast.

  • accutom cutting equipment | struers.com

    Accutom cutting equipment | Struers.com

    Max sample size: 42 x 120 mm. Manual tabletop cut-off machines for fast, high-quality cutting in the lab or production environments. Secotom Max sample size: 50 x 165 mm. Tabletop cut-off machines that combine precision, flexibility and a large capacity, so you can cut a wide range of materials fast.

  • international sales • ronix company profile - cutting tools

    International Sales • Ronix Company Profile - Cutting Tools

    Ronix international sales department is a team of well-trained sales professionals performing as the key link between company’s products and their customers as they ensure that company produces what they need or is in demand. Handling all the orders placed by either new or old customers is done through the international sales department.

  • dual axel machine - sterling gems & lapidary

    Dual Axel machine - Sterling Gems & Lapidary

    HIGH QUALITY and HEAVY DUTY PRECISION Machine for production. Mmachine consist of Two facete , Aluminium base lap, 10pcs dop Sticks ( 6mm.) All Accessories such as cutting,polishing discs Etc. will be provide upon request. Your choice of any index gear ( 32,64,72,80,84,88,96,120 Recommended as first index gear) Machine body is made out of cast

  • underfloor wheel lathe dlr / dhd | danobat

    Underfloor Wheel Lathe DLR / DHD | DANOBAT

    Robust and reliable, providing a fully automatic machining process for rail wheels & brake discs. Automatic hold-down device for inboard axle boxes. High precision continuous contact measuring system. Ease of use: Simple and intuitive human-machine interface fully customised for the reprofiling for railway wheels and brake discs.

  • blade tip for aerospace industry machining solutions | danobat

    Blade Tip for Aerospace Industry Machining Solutions | DANOBAT

    Precision grinding, deburring and measuring of the blade tips of gas turbine engine rotors. These machines grind the blade tips of the rotor while they are being spun at high speed, (up to 7000 rpm) thereby presenting the blades to the grinding wheel under the appropriate operating conditions.

  • repair service – ronix news - cutting tools

    Repair Service – Ronix News - Cutting Tools

    You’ve bought a high-quality Ronix tool that’s backed up by excellent operation. If your tool needs servicing or maintenance, the Ronix Service Centre will offer fast and dependable assistance. Arrange to have your tool collected for repair by our qualified experts.

  • metal engraving | gravotech

    Metal Engraving | Gravotech

    Metal engraving is used for the marking of text, logos, pictures, numbers, 2D codes, the list is endless. The industries marking metal, is even bigger with jewelry, medical, automotive, aeronautics, and energy, to name a few. Our laser marking and engraving is done without contact, and does not require any pre-treatment or post-treatment.

  • 4"x.040"x5/8" cut off wheel -metal & stainless steel thin

    4"x.040"x5/8" Cut off Wheel -Metal & Stainless Steel Thin

    Crafted with premium Aluminum Oxide grain, these discs are designed for fast cutting action and long life. This reinforced wheel works great whether cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or metals and its ultra-thin design minimizes material loss while maximizing precision.

  • metal cutting | 3m abrasives

    Metal Cutting | 3M Abrasives

    You only get one shot to cut your metal parts the way you want them, and it sets the bar for the rest of your work. Using a cut-off wheel that cuts fast and clean helps you get it right and make the most of your time. 3M designs innovative abrasive solutions for cutting steel pipes, tubes, sheets, bars and other unique cutting applications like pipe notching.

  • r 2 dice clr combination processor - robot coupe

    R 2 Dice CLR Combination Processor - Robot Coupe

    R 2 Dice CLR. A multi-function compact table-top model, easy to clean and simple to store - even in the tiniest of kitchens. - Cutter to chop, emulsify, knead, grind and prepare sauces. - Vegetable slicer to easily slice, grate, julienne, ripple cutting and dicing for salads, sandwich filling and general daily food preparation.

  • cl 50 ultra pizza vegetable preparation machine - robot coupe

    CL 50 Ultra Pizza Vegetable Preparation Machine - Robot Coupe

    CL 50 Ultra Pizza. Single phase 120 V 50 - 300. The perfect package for your pizza needs: robust, efficient and easy to clean. Gain consistency and save hours in mise en place. The discs included are ideal for processing all topings and cheese. REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION REQUEST A QUOTE. Description & advantages.

  • 3d printed superabrasives | 3m

    3D Printed Superabrasives | 3M

    Material: 100Cr6 – 60HRC +/- 2. Wheel sizes (mm): 25 x 10 x 20. Cutting fluid: Oil. Wheel speed: 45 m/s (~35000 rpm) Workpiece speed: 0.75 m/s. Result: Compared to non-patterned wheels, our precision structured wheels achieved up to 40% higher removal rates and lower grinding forces. Contact us to learn how we can help boost your performance.

  • milling tools - sandvik coromant

    Milling tools - Sandvik Coromant

    Whether you are milling flat surfaces, shoulders, slots, gears, or complex 3D shapes, you will find the milling cutter you need here. Our efficient milling tools will give you a competitive edge and help you stay productive.

  • spectacle blind flanges manufacturers in india

    Spectacle Blind Flanges Manufacturers In India

    A Spectacle Blind is a steel plate cut into two discs of a certain thickness. The two discs are attached to each other by section of steel similar to the nose piece of a pair of glasses. We produce flanges in carbon steel, stainless steel, high nickel alloys, duplex/super duplex, copper nickel, titanium and special alloys.

  • balinit futura nano « oerlikon balzers thailand

    BALINIT FUTURA NANO « Oerlikon Balzers Thailand

    The high hardness and tenacity of BALINIT ® FUTURA NANO gives outstanding protection against abrasive wear and erosion, making it ideal for highly stressed precision components even under high thermal conditions. This is also the major benefit for plastic injection moulding and HSS and carbide tools.

  • 8" master precision level in fitted wooden box for machinist

    8" Master Precision Level in Fitted Wooden Box For Machinist

    Feature: For checking, testing, and setup work Main level vial is graduated to 10 second accuracy (one division equals .0002" per foot) Additional cross level enables the user to check side declinations Base is hand scraped for extreme accuracy Cast iron body Longitudinal with prismatic base Specification: 8'' Precision level Adjustable

  • plating power – precision electroplating

    Plating Power – Precision Electroplating

    Media Disc Manufacturing. Vinyl Recordings The resurgence in demand for vinyl recordings in the music industry has led to a need for increased manufacturing capacity. Creating high-quality records for end-user sale calls for the production of a nickel-plated master disk used to press-out the finished product.

  • pakistan abrasives importers, buyers and distributors - tradekey

    Pakistan Abrasives Importers, Buyers and Distributors - Tradekey

    Pakistan Abrasives Importers Directory - Offering Pakistan's buying leads from buyers, importers, distributors & resellers at Pakistan TradeKey.com

  • testing tools, cheap electrical test equipment for sale

    Testing Tools, Cheap Electrical Test Equipment for Sale

    High-precision laser engraving machine /cutting equipment can make stunning products, whether you are carving on leather products or toys. These functional devices are easy to use and anyone can operate quickly and start producing any type they want.

  • aluminum sheet metal,aluminum alloy,sheet metal - haomei aluminum

    aluminum sheet metal,Aluminum alloy,sheet metal - haomei aluminum

    Aluminum Sheet & Aluminum Plate. We carry many types of aluminum sheet metal available for sale as sheets or to be fabricated. If you are looking sheet for 1050,3003, 5052, 6061,5083,8011 aluminum alloy or aluminum Tread Plate. you have come to the right place. We also stock aluminum sheets with ROPP cap materials and round aluminum sheets for

  • ultra-thin polishing piece cut wheel metal cutting off discs

    Ultra-Thin Polishing Piece cut wheel Metal Cutting off Discs

    Achieve professional finishes on handrails and pipes from 3/4" to 5" dia. KING-BOA has a wide variety of quick-change abrasive belts for 360˚ all-around blending, finishing and polishing. Saint-Gobain Abrasives has upgraded the Norton BlueFire Abrasives including belts, cloth quick-change and flap discs, and mini flap discs.

  • smart cut s/nc 550 optima - breton usa

    Smart Cut S/NC 550 Optima - Breton USA

    The Smart Cut S/NC 550 Optima is the ideal CNC cutting center for kitchen top producers. With interpolated axes, a rotating head, and a fixed workbench it is designed to perform multiple machining operations which would otherwise require several machines. By using either the diamond disc or the drills it can cut slabs, shape/dish out small

  • ts-max tile cutters | rubi tools usa

    TS-MAX Tile Cutters | RUBI Tools USA

    This double guide system offers the user better and greater visibility of the scoring line, thus obtaining high precision in every cut. The possibility of using the full range of RUBI interchangeable scoring wheels from 1/4" to 7/8” allows for adapting TS-MAX tile cutters to each ceramic material and achieving maximum performance and cut quality.

  • signi aluminium foil strip for transformer winding-aluminium

    signi aluminium foil strip for transformer winding-Aluminium

    Signi aluminiu is professional aluminium foil strip for transformers winding, our grades are : 1060,1070, 1350, Temper O, said soft state . Thickness between 0.2-3.0mm. Signi aluminium strip, aluminium foil for dry- type transformers, using high purity aluminum ingot , with high conductivity , soft features , smooth surface , no glitches, is an ideal material for the production of dry-type

  • shoulder milling tools , edging tools - sandvik coromant

    Shoulder milling tools , edging tools - Sandvik Coromant

    Shoulder milling, edging. Whether you are milling deep shoulders, trying to avoid vibration, or require specific and precise contours, you will find the shoulder milling tool you need here. Our comprehensive assortment of CoroMill® shoulder milling cutters provides top quality performance and reliability.

  • scan & shape online cadcam dental design services

    Scan & Shape Online CADCAM Dental Design Services

    Scan & Shape is an online ordering platform that gives you peace of mind. It offers a new comprehensive level of on-demand CADCAM design services for all cases, from traditional implant-borne solutions to tooth-borne restorations. Whatever workflow you use, digital or traditional, Scan & Shape provides one online ordering platform to deliver

  • cares 7 series 3d dental scanners | prosthetic restoration

    CARES 7 series 3D Dental Scanners | Prosthetic Restoration

    The Straumann CARES® 7 series scanners (up to 30 copings in 15 minutes) ensure high scanning accuracy utilizing the latest generation Blue Laser Illumination system with proven high-precision mechanical and optical components. The fully integrated CARES® Visual software enables you to design of a wide range of prosthetic restorationsand than

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